Micro-nuclear Reactor Licensing in the United States

We met with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission recently to discuss several basic questions about their licensing process. You can see some of the answers and our findings below. Overall, the meeting was incredibly productive, and we’re excited to keep chatting with them. Best part: they didn’t even charge us for the cumulative 90 minutes of …

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Executive Summary Overall Outline The nine Titles of the Act are listed below. I’ve listed the number of pages included in each Title in order to give a sense of scale of how much material is actually included in each. It would be interesting to correlate page count to dollars out (or in) as a …

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The Prize

In his Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Prize, Daniel Yergin recounts the fascinating (and sometimes terrifying) history behind the world’s most desired commodity: oil. It’s a dense read, loaded with the complete history of the adoption of the commodity – from the first Drake well in Pennsylvania up to the state of the industry in …

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Intermittent vs. Dispatchable

“Nuclear’s obviously not the answer. It’s too expensive.” “Renewables are awful for the grid. They’re intermittent, and they aren’t priced correctly.” “But nuclear is dependable, dispatchable, and uses the least amount of land! According to first principles, it should be the cheapest!” “But renewables have no fuel to ‘buy’ or ‘burn’ other than the free …

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Systems are more valuable than individual components. Three fundamental resources can radically transform any area of the world: Cheap electricity (think so cheap it’s essentially free) Liquid fuels for transportation Clean drinking water A micro-nuclear reactor or small modular reactor generates the cheap electricity. Use it to recombine water with CO2 scrubbed from the atmosphere …

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Synthetic Fuels: How Much Energy is Required to Make Them?

By Kurt Duncan Executive Summary Four paths to creating hydrocarbons from CO2 and water are examined. The required cost of electricity to generate an energy equivalent gallon of diesel is estimated for each path. How Much Electricity? And What’s the Cost? It’s a pretty daunting task to decarbonize the global economy. Two sectors have dominated …

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