Energy Dense Fuels and Bettering Human Lives

Who are the pioneers in the energy industry?

What new technologies are they inventing? Which technologies aren’t they inventing or are they missing?

Are there new fuels we can use?

How do we normalize nuclear for society and convince the nuclear industry that increased focus on safety within the industry is killing more people outside of it?

How do we be cheerleaders for abundance, freedom, and prosperity? 

These are the kinds of questions we’ve had, and we think we’ve discovered the answer to many of them – but not all of them. We want to talk to the people who can help us discover a better and brighter future moving forward, and we believe we can do that using energy dense fuels. As engineers, entrepreneurs, and environmentalists, all of our analysis demonstrates it’s the best solution for humanity and our home planet.

Will you join us?

034 Jenifer Avellaneda aka Nuclear Hazelnut

Jenifer Avellaneda, aka @NuclearHazelnut on X, discusses with Mark Hinaman her discover of nuclear while growing up in Mexico, working in Vienna for the IAEA, her role as a probablistic risk assessment engineer at Westinghouse, and nuclear advocacy through twitter and other forums.

033 Mike Umbro, Partner at Premier Resource Management

Mike Umbro, an investment banker and oil-tycoon-turned-geothermal-entrepreneur, chats with Mark Hinaman about his project with Premier Resource Partners to build a long-term energy storage solution in existing oilfields in California.

025 Discussions on Energy and Networking (DEN Talks): Nuclear Energy & Opportunity Cost

Mark Hinaman hosts an informal and open discussion with engineers, salesmen, and non-profit advocates in the oil and gas industry in Denver. This discussion was recorded as part of the Denver chapter of Young Professionals in Energy’s Discussion on Energy and Networking (DEN Talks) program. It’s meant to have 10 to 20 minutes of a presenter speaking on a topic and allow for 40 to 60 minutes of dialogue and debate to follow. Mark discusses nuclear energy and the opportunity costs associated with focusing on other forms of energy generation.

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