We’ve found the following sources to be helpful for educating ourselves about nuclear power and the future of energy. If you have more recommendations, feel free to add them in the comments below!


    • The New Fire – Eye opening documentary that follows the young entrepreneurs building next-generation nuclear reactors and the scientists fighting to spread the truth on what it will take to solve climate change.

    • Switch – documentary by Switch Energy Alliance giving an overview of current energy systems in the developed world.

    • Switch On – documentary by Switch Energy Alliance outlining the energy poverty that exists throughout much of the world – and what we can do to help them.


    • Apocalypse Never – fantastic book by one of my favorite authors, Michael Shellenberger, outlining what’s really behind apocalyptic environmentalism.

    • Climate Gamble – Short book addressing many of the misunderstandings around nuclear.

    • A Question of Power – Excellent overview of electricity and how it impacts the world by awesome energy evangelist, Robert Bryce.


    • Titans of Nuclear – Phenomenal podcast documenting industry leaders who actually know what’s happening in nuclear power.

    • Decouple – There are technologies that decouple human wellbeing from its ecological impacts. There are politics that enable these technologies.

    • Nuclear Barbarians – Awesome show hosted by industry thought leader, Emmet Penney, focusing on movers and shakers in the nuclear space.

    • Young Professionals in Energy – Podcast put on by Young Professionals to interview leaders in the energy industry and gain insights about what’s coming next. Featured Episodes:
        • Matt Wald – independent energy analyst and journalist who has worked for the New York Times and the Nuclear Energy Institute. In this episode, he discusses the climate crisis, nuclear power’s potential, and the “mythology” in the public perception of solar.

        • Scott Tinker – internationally renowned energy expert and public speaker. In this episode, Scott discusses Switch Energy Alliance, a nonprofit organization that strives to develop objective, film-based resources to be used in classrooms across the world to create an energy-educated future.


    • Neutron Bytes – Neutron Bytes, a free online newsletter about the global commercial nuclear energy industry published since 2007. Readers are 45% in US and elsewhere in almost every country on the planet. 


    • Land Use article by Bloomberg outlining how much land we’d need under carbon free scenarios.


    • What is Nuclear? Phenomenal website by Nick Touran, Nuclear Engineer and industry leader for all things nuclear. This should be the first stop for anyone looking for basic (or advanced) knowledge around all the common questions.

    • Stop These Things is a non-profit dedicated to eliminating the wind industry. Fascinating rhetoric.

Technical / Research

YouTube Videos

    • Batteries, Solar Panels, and Electronics: A Recycler’s Perspective – awesome webinar put on by Veolia. My biggest takeaway (discussed at ~43 min in): “Typically a solar panel has a life of 20 – 25 years… landfilling economic alternative is really more cost effective than recycling. Solar panel recycling can range between $15 and $45 per panel whereas landfilling cost of hazardous solar waste is on the order of $1 per unit or $5 per unit if it’s a nonhazardous waste.”

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