Fire2Fission Podcast

A podcast about energy dense fuels like oil, gas, and nuclear energy and how they better human lives.

044 Shawn Connors, Author & Owner at Atomic Garage Movement

Shawn Connors speaks with Mark Hinaman about his career in the publishing business, his admiration of the nuclear energy industry, and the opportunity nuclear energy has to tell an optimistic story about it’s capability to save the world. They also discuss Connors’ new novel, Chain Reaction, which tells the story of a young, female, pro-nuclear scientist and environmentalist trying to save a nuclear power plant from closing.

043 DJ Hanson, COO of Flibe Energy

DJ Hanson sits down to discuss with Mark Hinaman the thorium fuel cycle, molten salt reactors, and Flibe Energy’s strategy to commercialize the technology in the United States.

042 Everett Redmond, Senior Director of Fuel Affairs at Oklo

Everett Redomond, Senior Director of Fuel Affairs at Oklo, discusses his career history at Holtec, NEI, and his new role at Oklo. He covers a lot of the nuance around the uranium fuel cycle and how the nuclear energy industry faces shortages in the future if domestic conversion and enrichment capacities aren’t increased.

039 Meredith Angwin, Author of Shorting the Grid

Meredith Angwin, author of Shorting the Grid, chats with Mark Hinaman about her journey in learning about the grid, demystifying it for herself, and writing a powerful book about it and some of its shortcomings. They discuss existing issues with electricity markets, the shortfalls of renewables, and the benefits of nuclear energy to the grid.

038 DJ LeClear, Radiation Protection Specialist

DJ LeClear chats with Mark Hinaman about his background and work as a radiation health physicist, the differences between radition dose, dosage, and units, the Linear No Threshold (LNT) hypothesis, and if modern radiation limits are appropriate.

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