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We should be headed to fission ☢️

Fire2Fission is a project focused on producing energy for America and the world. Our mission is to better human lives by supporting the development and utilization of energy dense fuels. By pursuing this goal, we’ll help provide abundant, affordable, and clean energy for all humans while maximizing our beneficial economic impact in communities we serve and minimizing our detrimental impact on the environment. 

Said more succinctly: we love oil and gas, and we think the world should go nuclear. As engineers, entrepreneurs, and environmentalists, all of our analysis demonstrates it’s the best solution for humanity and our home planet.

Will you join us?

-The Fire2Fission Team

People are talking... finally!


with Mark Hinaman

Mark Hinaman joined me again to talk about his vision for the Fire2Fission fund, nuclear regulation, the value of human capital, what the fossil fuel and nuclear industries can do better, and more!

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