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Fire2Fission is a project focused on producing energy for America and the world. Our mission is to better human lives by supporting the development and utilization of energy dense fuels. By pursuing this goal, we’ll help provide abundant, affordable, and clean energy for all humans while maximizing our beneficial economic impact in communities we serve and minimizing our detrimental impact on the environment. 

We love the modern world humans have created by harnessing the power in oil, natural gas, and coal, and we believe improvement is inevitable and infinite if we leverage the power of the stars by building more nuclear power globally. As engineers, entrepreneurs, and environmentalists, all our analysis demonstrates nuclear energy is the best solution for humanity and our home planet.

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-The Fire2Fission Team

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The Fire2Fission Podcast features professionals from the energy industry who speak intelligently about energy dense fuels and how they can better human lives. Here’s an excerpt from one of our latest episodes.


034 Jenifer Avellaneda aka Nuclear Hazelnut

Jenifer Avellaneda, aka @NuclearHazelnut on X, discusses with Mark Hinaman her discover of nuclear while growing up in Mexico, working in Vienna for the IAEA, her role as a probablistic risk assessment engineer at Westinghouse, and nuclear advocacy through twitter and other forums.

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